first clinical use of VELEX

I-VASC announces the first clinical use of VELEX™

from BusinessWire   first clinical use of VELEX™ I-VASC, the Italy based start-up company which has developed and CE Marked its innovative percutaneous VELEX™ system to treat CVI, a condition that includes varicose veins disease, announces today that VELEX™ has entered clinical use, with the first two cases performed last week in Milan at the [...]

I-VASC @Dubai 2022 V-Winter Meeting

The Dubai 2022 vwinter was a great experience and presenting VELEX™ for the first time from our exhibition booth, sharing informations and opinions about VELEX™ with the elite of the phlebology world was exciting. We had the opportunity to ogrnize our special I-VASC Event, our Empty Vein Ablation Symposium @vmwinter2022, where we've presented & discussed [...]


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